Instagram Widget


The Instagram Widget displays images from a single Instagram account, or images that match a hashtag.


  1. Click the Authorize button and follow the instructions in the popup window. This step is mandatory so that ShortStack can access the Instagram API on your behalf. Note: The Instagram account you use for this step does not need to match the Instagram account you are looking to display on your Campaign.
  2. Once you complete the authorization, enter either an Instagram user name (such as your own), or a single hashtag. Hashtags must begin with “#.”
  3. Click Save.


Choose from one of the three layouts. Each can be further customized with CSS.

Number of Photos to Display

Use the Number of Photos to Display to choose the maximum number of photos the widget retrieves from Instagram to display.

ShortStack will display up to 200 of the user’s most recent Instagram posts. However, ShortStack can only display public posts. You may see fewer results than the number you selected if too many of the user’s posts are set to Private.


Display Options 

Show Instagram Videos

Check the Show Instagram Videos box to display videos. Leave the box unchecked to show only the video's cover image. 

Hide captions

Check the Hide captions box to hide the captions retrieved from Instagram.

Duration for Fading In Next Tile

Use the Duration for Fading In Next Tile field to change the number of milliseconds it takes to fade from one photo to the next. For example, enter 1000 to have the fade transition complete in one second.

Note: This field only affects layouts that display one photo at a time.

Only show images from this time frame 

Use the Start Time and End Time fields to choose a specific date range to search for images. 

Note: This field is not available when searching for hashtags. It is only compatible with username searches. 

Image Refresh Interval

ShortStack caches photos for performance reasons. Use the drop-down menu to control how often ShortStack checks for new photos.

An Important Note on Filtering Results

If you choose to filter results by hashtag, or to show Instagram videos, there is a four-week limit to how far back ShortStack will search. 

This limit is in place to maximize performance. Without the limit, ShortStack could be filtering through hundreds of pages of results, since not every result matches the hashtag, and not every result is a video. 

The four-week limit cannot be overridden.