Hashtag Contest

What are the benefits of  a hashtag contest?

Running a hashtag contest is a great way to collect user-generated content, increase engagement for your brand and encourage word-of-mouth marketing. User-generated content can help spread the word about your brand to others with similar interests.

What is a hashtag contest?

A Hashtag Contest asks a participant to post a photo or video to Instagram or Twitter, and tag it using a designated hashtag. This enters them into a contest. All entries using that hashtag can be viewed in one feed. The feed can be displayed on your website or social profiles using a ShortStack Campaign.

Visitors can vote or share the submitted images/videos. This type of contest allows you to take advantage of high-engagement platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

How does a hashtag contest work with ShortStack?

Participants start by following your profile. Then, they upload a picture or video, tag your profile and add the specified hashtag to their caption. ShortStack stores their username, submitted image/video, and image caption. To receive an extra chance to win, entrants can also submit their contact information through a form. Adding a form allows you to collect additional data — email address and name — into your ShortStack database.

Contest admins can moderate images and videos in the feed to ensure that the feed doesn’t contain offensive or off-brand content.